Update 7/13/2003:

Well I did all the work previously on the "To do" list. Friday, the parts came in and that night I installed them. I got a 3 switch mounting bracket, 3 SPDT (Single Pole, Double Throw) momentary switches, and 2 SPST regular switches. The 3 momentary switches are for the controls, 1 regular switch is for power to the 12V outlet and one is for a manual override of the cooling fan on the bike. (I didn't get around to installing that one despite being up until 1 am working.) I also got some old foam rubber from work and carved that into the shape I needed to hold the NEX II inside the bike.
Bits and Pieces.

Momentary Disapointment

Mmmmm . . . Waterproof. These are Contura switches from Carling Switch Technologies ordered through Mouser Electronics (Digi-Key also stocks them.) They are sealed and waterproof to at least 10 ft. so I figured they could handle anything I might run into on my bike. The switches come without actuators so you can customize them slightly. Some of the others are pretty slick looking but I just wanted something fairly plain.
Mmmmm . . . Waterproof. It turns out that the light shares is wired from a single terminal to the common terminal and only connected when the switch is on.

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