FA! False Advertising, the one and only.

Why Do This At All?


There is a website called Propaganda run by a person known as JFK aka Bowie Poag. He creates insane backgrounds "with Linux FOR Linux." The stuff he makes is quite mind-bending. Many people (including myself) wonder how he does that. One day, I sat before my computer and entered the dangerous back alleys of my questionable install of Adobe Photoshop. I began painting and filtering and molesting the images (for lack of a better term) until I had created a tilable image. Then I started over using different colors and images. I tried multiple layers and different methods of meshing those layers. I created False Advertising. These are tilable images for anyone to use to spruce up their desktop.
Also, I had alot of free time.
Please, proceed onward to catch a glimpse of the creations known as False Advertising.

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