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Update: Aug 25, 2003
I have republished this website on my new hosting. Perhaps somebody may find it and enjoy the backgrounds. I have graduated college and moved on to the working world. My computers have also "graduated" as well. :)
June 1, 1999 or so
My name is Triften Chmil. I am a soon to be 57 out of 120 credit sophmore at Rutgers University. I am studying computer-oriented math. I like computers alot but I enjoy math a little to much to leave it behind.
I have a Windows box and a Linux box. I am still unable to dial onto the internet with my Linux box so it mostly just sits there (Cyrix 150+). My windows box is used for games, DVD movies, and the creation of False Advertising (AMD K6-2 300). I would have a dual-boot but Linux doesn't like my more recently made system.
False Advertising was born on approximately June 1st, 1999.

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